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As businesses look to the future, more and more companies are beginning to take advantage of franchise opportunities. In fact, research shows that over 800 brands currently offer franchising opportunities, while hundreds more are being added on a yearly basis. That means your franchise is facing more competition than ever—but with Salem Surround, you can stay in the lead.

We help franchises tackle common digital marketing pitfalls, such as reduced brand visibility, incomplete or inaccurate data, and lower lead conversion levels to stand out from the online crowd. If your business has multiple franchise locations, and you’re looking to maintain consistency and ensure success, we can help. 

Put SEO to Work for Your Franchise

There are billions of people that currently use the internet—about 4.5 billion, to be precise. Every single one of those users has the opportunity to find your business online, regardless of their location. For franchisees, this potential exposure is a major benefit. It allows users to see your brand first, and immediately direct them to the nearest location.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of franchising, many franchisees don’t get the same digital resources that the main branch does, and this can affect the brand as a whole. Even if you’re investing in marketing campaigns, if just one location isn’t seeing the benefits, you’re losing money—and that’s a problem we’re ready to solve. Our franchise SEO services help keep your franchise at the top user search results, no matter what location they’re searching for.

Our Expert Franchise SEO Services

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), there’s a multitude of factors at play. That's why we offer a full range of services to target every aspect of your franchise’s online presence, leaving nothing to chance. Our franchise SEO experts provide digital marketing services like:

  • Local SEO: Make a local franchise location the top resource in any area, regardless of how far it is from your home base.
  • Link Building: We help you attract credible links to build your reputation and boost your site traffic by creating content of local interest.
  • Keyword Research & Strategy: Find the keywords that your audience are searching for and optimize your content to match.
  • PPC: Pay-Per-Click marketing means you only pay for clicks—it’s all reward and no risk. Use PPC to grab customers’ attention and keep it focused on your business.
  • Content Writing: From commercial scripts to blog posts, let us master your brand voice and use it to write compelling content.
  • Social Media Marketing: Connect with your audience on social media and boost your brand awareness.

Contact Us for Franchise SEO Services Today!

If your franchise is struggling to make its mark on the digital landscape, we’re here to help. Salem Surround has worked with franchises on the local and national levels, making us the ideal choice for your business. Whether you have three locations or three hundred, our strategies are tailored to work for you and get you the results you want. Ready to take your franchise to the next level? So are we. Contact us today to learn more about franchise SEO and schedule your consultation!

We welcome the opportunity to review your free digital evaluation with you in person and show you how we can improve your listings accuracy and online reputation. Use our request form today!