Serve Every Level of Your Marketing Funnel with Streaming

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Serve Every Level of Your Marketing Funnel with Streaming


Thanks to mobile devices and streaming platforms, your customers take music with them everywhere they go, from the gym to the car to the office, and everywhere in between. If you’re not connecting with them there, you can be sure that your competitors are. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Rely on Salem Surround to get your advertising to the ears of the right customers on streaming platforms. 


Our strategy at Salem Surround is to surround your customers on digital platforms, social media, radio, and other outlets, so that your brand is part of their everyday life—and your name comes to mind when they need products and services that you offer, at every stage of your marketing funnel. 


Steaming is a key part of moving customers through that funnel. Take a closer look at how streaming audio supports your marketing efforts at every stage. 



Podcasts, news, music: Today’s consumer turns to streaming platforms for a variety of different media. Approximately 34% of households listen to at least one hour of streaming content per day, and many people consume much more. Listeners are learning about new businesses, new products, and new services while they’re tuning in to their favorite stations and programs. Make sure you’re the name they hear. 


With our streaming support, there is no guesswork or crossing your fingers and hoping that the right audience hears your message. Combining our streaming strategies with programmatic audio capabilities means you can target the specific market segments you want to introduce your brand to, so you can get the returns you want. 



Once customers know about your brand, how can you make them choose you over your competitors? Streaming is a great way to guide customers through the consideration stage to your business. With streaming, you can run different versions of advertising on different platforms, targeting different customers, so you can tailor your message to provide the kind of information that customers at this stage need. 


Use streaming advertising to share information about what makes your products and services high quality and unique. You can leverage monitoring and measurement of responses to your streaming advertising to continually refine your marketing campaigns and run them with the best possible efficiency. Additionally, just being present on the streaming services that your target customers use increases their trust in your company, which will help you stand out against your competitors. 



When it is time to close the deal, use streaming to provide exclusive promotions and sale pricing to customers who are ready to buy. Getting the right audience to hear this kind of messaging is the final piece you need to make the sale. 


Streaming also bolsters a multi-faceted approach to marketing to increase the effectiveness of the action part of your funnel. For instance:


  • Companies that mix mobile, social, display, and video marketing have a 500% higher ROI on their marketing spends.
  • Multi-channel advertising increases customer spend by 3-4 times.
  • Customers who see your ads on multiple channels are 24% more likely to convert.


Start Streaming Your Way to Success Today

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