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Boost Your Advertising Impact with Our Broadcast Radio Services

Although streaming services and satellite radio have certainly made an impact in the modern age, millions of listeners of all ages still turn to broadcast radio on a daily basis. In fact, 91% of people over the age of 12 hear radio broadcasts each week, and 67% of that group listens to radio daily. Therefore, being present with on-air advertising is an important strategy for savvy marketers. At Salem Surround, we’re proud to offer Surround Audio: expert broadcast radio advertising services that allow you to reach your target audience wherever and whenever they tune in.


Is Radio Advertising Still Effective?

Radio runs 24 hours per day, seven days per week, so there is always someone there to get your messaging and learn more about your business, every time your advertising plays on-air over broadcast radio. Plus, listeners tend to be loyal to the stations they tune into. Therefore, they are likely to trust advertising messages broadcast over those channels.


The Importance of Broadcast Radio in Modern Marketing

A struggle that many businesses have faced is that traditional media forms have seen a significant decline in audience in recent years. Newspapers and magazines, once critical platforms for advertising for businesses, are closing in record numbers and losing enormous numbers of subscribers. This decline has removed a major outlet for companies looking to connect with customers.


Radio is different. Radio has retained a listenership even when audiences for other forms of traditional media have vanished. It remains a reliable outlet for advertising, and it can be particularly impactful for local businesses trying to connect with active customers in their own backyards. It can also still provide the customization and selective audience targeting of more modern digital advertising solutions.


How Broadcast Radio Advertising Engages Your Audience

Radio advertising makes all your other advertising more valuable. Why? Audio activates a different part of the brain than visual advertising. Combining audio advertising via on-air radio ads with digital marketing increases the recognition of your digital ads, multiplying their effectiveness.


There are other benefits to radio advertising, including:


  • Radio ads have been proven to encourage customers to visit company websites.
  • You can reach customers in different parts of the purchase process at one time.
  • Ads run at different times of the day on radio’s 24-hour schedule let you target different audiences with a single ad.
  • Your message gets to customers when they are near your business and ready to make a purchase.


Choose Radio Advertising to Build Credibility & Consumer Trust


You can use radio for more than basic ads. You can also go on air to demonstrate your expertise in your industry with paid programming. Become a host of a long-form radio program to become a voice in your industry and the personality that local consumers associate with your sector.


Not only will you become the name that people think of when they need products and services you provide, but a long-form radio program will also boost your profile in the B2B community and help you build relationships with local businesses that provide services that align with yours.


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