Adding Audio to Your Digital Campaign

Why audio advertising is more useful and adaptable than ever

When we talk about audio in the context of digital marketing, it goes well beyond traditional radio ads—which can still be useful in their own regard. With digital audio, you are tapping into the constant soundtrack that your customers take with them wherever they go. From Spotify to Pandora to countless podcasts and news programs, people spend even more time listening to content than they do looking at their phone screens.

How audio advertising ties your brand to positive messaging

While you might think that interrupting users’ favorite programming with an advertisement would cause negative brand associations, the opposite turns out to be true. Audio ads tend to give listeners a positive brand association, because the brand message is interwoven with the music and news programs that listeners have grown to love. This goes a step further when you consider the potential of advertising in a podcast or over a stream.

Streaming listeners tend to view Audio hosts with a certain level of trust and authority. And when those hosts read messages from different companies that sponsor their programs, listeners tend to react. In fact, Audiolisteners often take action in direct response to hearing sponsorship messages on their favorite host. 45% of listeners will visit a sponsor’s website in direct response to an ad and 42% will consider a new product or service.

Why sound is an effective advertising medium

Audio is effective in advertising for many reasons. One has to do with the nature of sound itself. Humans are hard-wired to respond to sound, and different sounds build different associations. For example, a baby’s cry can cut through all other sounds and create a sense of urgency in our brains. Conversely, the sound of waves gently crashing against a shoreline can instill a sense of calmness and serenity. Therefore, incorporating the right sound effects and music into your advertising can help set the mood for your ad and further drive positive results.

How audio helps to drive search

One key to remember with audio is that this one type of advertising is only a piece of a larger campaign. In a world driven by digital advertising, consumers usually interact with a brand multiple times before making a purchase decision. Audio is effective as a top of the funnel advertising strategy, which can spread brand awareness and encourage listeners to learn more about your brand.

Listener behavior indicates that consumers are likely to research a brand after hearing about it on air. Sparking interest in your brand can drive up search traffic for your business. And, the more search traffic your business sees, the higher you can potentially rank.

What you need to remember

Once you have decided to roll audio into your digital campaign, it will be time to create that content. Working with a digital marketing agency will give you a solid foundation. However, there are some good rules of audio that are helpful for all businesses to know:

  • Keep your message short and memorable – Shorter ads will stick with customers longer, because the message will be clear and concise. Within this message, include a clear call to action and repeat the brand name about 2-3 times.
  • Mix voiceover, music, and sound effects – Mixing various sound mediums will yield a more professional-sounding and effective ad. Avoid using multiple speakers in your ad, which can be confusing for listeners.
  • Keep the tone and tempo consistent – Because audio ads tend to only run for 15-30 seconds, you won’t have time to say much. For a 15-second ad, you will want to aim for about 40 words. You should shoot for about 55-75 words in a 30-second ad space. This will allow the speaker to talk clearly and in an even tone that matches the message of your ad.
  • Choose a singular ad goal – Since you do only have so many words to explain the purpose of your ad, it’s best to narrow down to a single goal for the advertisement. Brand awareness is a good place to start. You shouldn’t explain every service you offer or benefit to choosing your company. Instead, just a short introduction with a memorable tagline will suffice. Then, users can head to their web browsers to learn more about what your business offers.

By working with Salem Surround, you can find solutions for omnichannel marketing that extends your business’s reach. We don’t just target an audience—we help your business surround your ideal audience to drive your message home and increase your conversions. You can learn more about audio, video, and social advertising with us by calling 1-844-277-5797.

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