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Close Sales with Surround Email


Even with the growing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, email is still the number one way most customers prefer for businesses to contact them. When you send dedicated email blasts to users beyond your customer list, your business can discover an entirely new segment of potential leads and prospects. Surround Email allows you to gain unparalleled access to fresh leads. 



Why Your Brand Needs Email Marketing 

Despite the constant influx of emails to client inboxes, email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your preferred demographic and generate leads. The numbers don’t lie. Email marketing can provide a return on your business’s investment of up to 4400%. 



Create Compelling Content for Engagement 

Most clients wade through countless email messages each day. Without the right kinds of emails, your advertising dollars will be sent right to the spam folder. The key to ensuring audience engagement during the consideration stage lies in creating and curating compelling content that convinces readers to click on your call to action. That’s where Salem Surround comes in. Our team of expert Media Strategists have worked with a variety of businesses, from large corporations to small, local shops. We can craft a unique email marketing plan for your brand that is specifically designed to boost audience engagement. 


Your business can rely on our digital marketing experts to differentiate between your preferred demographics and broadcast the proper messages to each targeted group. With Salem Surround, your business can choose the marketing strategy that is best suited to help you meet your professional goals and maximize your advertising investment. 



Facilitate Purchases with Email Marketing

When a prospective customer is ready to make a purchase, they're typically not interested in wading through chunks of text or multiple webpages. Make it easy for your customers to take action by including direct links to your online shop or contact information. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: Customers can order their desired products or services right away, and you can enjoy more revenue for your business. 


With Surround Email, your business gains access to an unparalleled level of lead generation and audience engagement. For more information about our professional digital marketing services at Salem Surround or to request a complementary digital presence evaluation, feel free to contact our team.

We welcome the opportunity to review your free digital evaluation with you in person and show you how we can improve your listings accuracy and online reputation. Use our request form today!