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Expert Digital Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms

Our expert digital marketing team at Salem Media Group, Salem Surround, collaborates with law firms large and small to create modern advertising that guarantees real results. We have decades of experience elevating the reputation of lawyers and law firms nationwide, and our personalized approach ensures that your local community will engage with your content. Salem Media Group is one of the largest media agencies in the United States, so you can rest assured that your marketing is fueled by the best in the business. 


Whether you need a professionally designed website, a targeted email blast, or compelling radio marketing to catch the ears of local listeners, Salem Surround can help your law firm generate new leads and connect with your preferred client base. Our solutions are affordable and effective, making us the natural choice for legal professionals looking to expand their reach. 


Case Studies


Email Marketing

A New York-based law firm relied on in-person seminars to drive conversions. We created an email marketing campaign to generate new leads for their business. After the initial email blast, their next seminar was attended by 78 people, the majority of which had based their attendance on an email message. Subsequently, the client opted to increase his advertising budget with Salem Surround. 


Targeted Advertising

A Florida law firm sought to increase brand awareness amongst a specific local demographic. We launched targeted social media marketing, video ads, geofencing campaigns, and live chat on the client’s website. After just three months, our analytical results showed a marked increase in audience engagement via phone calls, Facebook, and in-person events. Our client was so satisfied with his results that he asked our team to run and manage even more advertising content. 


Our Services 

Our expert team deploys time-tested strategies to help your law firm achieve its professional goals. Our services include: 


  • Programmatic audio
  • Radio marketing & podcasts
  • SEO and paid ads
  • Video marketing 
  • Digital outdoor ads & billboards 
  • Email marketing 
  • Live chat
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) 


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