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Advanced Digital Strategies for Home Improvement Businesses

Your home improvement company relies on new leads to generate fresh business prospects. Our expert team of digital marketing specialists at Salem Surround employs advanced digital strategies to promote brand awareness for your local home improvement business. 


Our services include search marketing, SEO, targeted email blasts, OTT/CTV, live chat, and Facebook advertising. We’ll work with your home improvement business to create a custom digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your geographic location, target demographic, and professional goals. Whether your business specializes in roofing, painting, landscaping, or remodeling, Salem Surround can deliver an effective digital marketing plan.  


Case Studies


SEO and Search Marketing

After a disappointing experience with another media company, a home improvement business needed a digital agency that could deliver tangible results. Salem Surround devised an online strategy that optimized the high point of the client’s sales cycle. We used a personalized marketing calendar to select the optimal date ranges for maximum lead generation. 


Our integrated approach to display, SEO, and search marketing was able to ramp up delivery and led to a decreased cost per lead. The client was so satisfied with the results that they opted to consult our media team and invest extra capital in diversified media strategies. 


Multi-Pronged Strategies

A cabinet supplier asked us to increase their online presence and engagement for their kitchen and bath remodeling business. They were looking for a higher level of lead generation and audience engagement, as well as an increased rate of foot traffic at their brick-and-mortar locations. 


We designed a multi-pronged media strategy that utilized several of our premier digital marketing services. With tactics like Surround Chat, Surround Social, Site Retargeting, Social Media, and PPC (pay-per-click), our team created a series of conversion zones around our client’s competitors using geofencing. 


After the execution of our team’s strategy, the client enjoyed more than one million ads and almost 2,000 clicks. Delivery also led to hundreds of in-person visits, chat leads, and inbound calls. Based on this success, the client opted to double its budget for the year 2022. 


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