How Programmatic Audio Supports Your Customers’ Journeys

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Reinforce Brand Recognition and Drive Sales with Programmatic Audio Marketing

For decades, radio ads have been a cornerstone of advertising strategies for businesses of all sizes. Programmatic audio takes all the benefits of radio and streaming advertising and adds pinpoint advertising precision to reach your customers on the streaming platforms they are using. As a result, you’ll get all the benefits of on-air advertising with the most efficient audience delivery possible.


At Salem Surround, we work with three of the four largest streaming platforms for programmatic audio. Our team will get your advertising played on podcasts, news, and music streams on platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, and more. Your programmatic audio campaign supports your customers at every stage of their journey through the marketing funnel. Here is a closer look at how it works.


How Programmatic Audio Reaches a Wider Audience

Programmatic audio advertising involves the automatic insertion of ads on streaming platforms. Ads get inserted into programs based on your target audience, their online behavior, and the factors that you have chosen to target. You can break audiences down by everything from age and gender to musical taste and third-party data. Get as specific as you want to with our highly specialized audio marketing campaigns.


The Power of Programmatic Audio Marketing

Did you know that the average streamer listens to more than 1,000 minutes per week? That number continues to increase year over year, as the impact of streaming grows. Because your customers are streaming, it’s important for them to hear from you and not your competitors.


Streaming is important at every stage of the buyer’s journey because people are so engaged when they are listening to their favorite streaming platforms, and that engagement can drive a wide range of actions. Approximately 70% of listeners say that they don’t do anything else while listening to their favorite podcasts, so your ad will get the attention it deserves.


Combined with the intense focus on streaming that listeners have, the power of programmatic audio allows you to hyper-focus on customer segments who are the most likely to be interested in knowing about the goods and services you offer based on the type of programming they’re listening to.


Target Your Ideal Consumer with Programmatic Audio Marketing

Programmatic audio offers the chance to target your advertising in very specific ways, depending on the goals of your campaign. That means that you can create advertising that addresses the questions that customers are likely to have in mind. Audio advertising has a track record of driving consumers to websites and brick-and-mortar locations to learn more, so you can draft ads that provide enough information to entice the consumer to take the step of engaging with your brand in another way.


The placement of your ads can also help at the consideration stage. Listeners tend to be very loyal to their favorite streaming shows and podcasts, and they trust them for content. Placing your ads on those platforms helps to increase consumer trust.

Programmatic Audio for Optimal Decision-Making

Programmatic audio takes strategies that you’d use for traditional radio, like promoting sales, contests, and promotions and increases their effectiveness even more through audience targeting. For example, if you know that parents are going to be in the market for school supplies that you sell at a specific time of year, you can target ads with related promotions directly to that demographic.


You can also consider offering deals to listeners of specific platforms by including special codes in your programmatic ads. These deals can push customers to buy from you, instead of your competitors, and they can help you understand more about what motivates your audience.


Put Programmatic Audio to Work for Your Business With Salem Surround

Programmatic audio is an essential facet of your digital marketing strategy. Let Salem Surround show you how your company can benefit from programmatic audio and how it fits with our other marketing services. Contact us today for more information.














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