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Streaming Player Sponsorship and Your Marketing Funnel

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Streaming Player Sponsorship and Your Marketing Funnel


The way radio listeners are tuning in to their favorite stations is evolving. Instead of listening in the car or on a household radio, they’ll head to their computers and mobile devices for live streaming instead. Our listeners rely on our streaming player, and your sponsorship of the page lets them know that your brand is making it possible for them to enjoy our content. 


After our home page, the second most popular page on Salem Media Group station affiliate websites is the streaming player page. Streaming player pages offer on-air content 24/7 and attract listeners day and night. Now your brand can be directly in front of those audiences with streaming player sponsorship ads. 


Streaming player sponsorship ads run directly across the top portion of the page. Ads are placed directly below the player itself, so they are front and center for listeners who come to the page. Your ad won’t be missed by listeners, and because sponsorship ads are exclusive, your brand is the only one that gets noticed at a given time. 


This high-profile advertising opportunity can benefit each stage of your marketing funnel. Here is a closer look at how streaming player sponsorship can move people through your funnel. 



When customers are just learning about your brand, repetition is important. Seeing your brand name repeatedly not only increases basic recognition but also communicates the significance and relevance of your brand. The positioning of streaming player sponsorship advertising right above the player itself means that users won’t be able to miss your name every time they want to play content. 


Because your ad is designed by you to incorporate your brand identity and includes a customizable URL that points to the destination of your choice on your website, you can not only improve the visual recognition of your brand’s identity but also direct consumers to the part of your website that will educate them about what you have to offer.



When you’re focused on moving customers past awareness through the consideration stage, simply adjust your advertising accordingly. Highlight what makes your brand stand out from the competition, and link to a URL that drives home the message about the benefits of choosing your products and services over your competitors. 


Additionally, aligning your brand identity with ours and our loyal consumer base connects you with faith-based conservative customers who are motivated to support brands that share their values. You will also link your brand with a popular feature of our media platform, driving loyalty from users who are grateful for your sponsorship.



Use your streaming player sponsorship to convert customers to sales. When you design your ad to include information about a sale or another kind of promotion, you create a sense of urgency that pushes customers to take the next step and make a purchase.


Another strategy you can use is to offer an exclusive promotion to users of the streaming platform, which will make customers feel like they are getting an even better deal that is tailored to them. 


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