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Grow Your Domain Authority With Our Link Building Services

Even with a beautiful, keyword-optimized website, you may not be ranking at the top of search results on Google and other search engines. That’s because domain authority is an important component ranking factor for search engine optimization (SEO). Domain authority is built through backlinks to your site from other, reputable sites across the web. With Salem Surround, you can put link building to work for your website, so you climb the ranks in search results and get more eyes on your business’s website.

Why Link Building Matters

SEO link building shows Google and other search engines that your website is credible because other authoritative sites have linked to it. With more high-quality links to your site, your domain authority will increase. Domain authority is ranked from 0-100. When sites rank higher on the scale, they appear higher in search results. Therefore, you want to seek out backlinks from high-authority sites. There are several link building strategies we employ to help you do just that.

Best Practices for Link Building

How exactly do you get other websites to link to yours? There are a few different strategies for link building, and it’s important to be selective about which strategies you employ. Some marketing companies will utilize black hat SEO tactics that get you lots of backlinks quickly, but these may only end up penalizing your site and driving down your search ranking in the long run. Here at Salem Surround, we implement the following best practices for SEO link building.

  • Keyword Analysis – Effective backlinks are attached to anchor text that includes target keywords for your website. Therefore, keyword research is one of the first steps we take for link building.
  • Competitor Analysis – Are you tired of seeing your competitors outrank you in search results? Gain an edge by taking a closer look at their backlink profiles, so you can pinpoint key opportunities for your own site.
  • Backlink Audit – While high domain links can boost your site’s search ranking, low quality links can drive down your domain authority. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your backlink profile with a thorough audit to identify areas for potential growth as well as weak spots with links you should disavow.
  • Guest Posts – Guest blogging is a great strategy for link building because it offers an opportunity to get your website featured on high authority domains along with high-quality content that showcases your business’s expertise on a particular topic. Guest blogs may also provide social media fuel, as they can be shared across various social channels.
  • Outreach – Thanks to our extensive experience in the digital marketing field, we have relationships with many bloggers, publishers, journalists, and webmasters, allowing us to help you build more connections across the web.
  • Broken Link Recovery – Reclaim broken links that lead to 404 pages with functional, relevant links with our broken link recovery process.

Why Choose Salem Surround for Your Link Building Strategy?

There’s a right way and a wrong way to utilize link building, and not all digital marketing agencies use the best strategies for success. With Salem Media Group, you can trust that you are getting the best link building service available thanks to:

  • Proven Strategies – We have been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve consistently helped our clients build their domain authority with high-quality backlinks that deliver results.
  • White Hat Approach – Black hat SEO link building tactics may deliver quick wins, but they can have a lasting negative impact. We only implement white hat strategies to ensure that your website consistently ranks high in search results. Plus, we’ll continually audit your backlink profile and seek out high authority linking opportunities.
  • Client-Focused Process – Every client is unique, which is why our process begins with a thorough analysis of your backlink profile, keyword strategy, and target audience. We’ll also take the time to strategize with you so that your specific marketing goals are top of mind throughout our link building process.

If you’re ready to elevate your SEO strategy with proven link building services from Salem Surround, contact us today to get started.

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