Target Your Preferred Audience with Geofencing

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With our modern society’s incredible technological advancements, your business has more opportunities to reach more potential customers than ever before. But with so many prospects worldwide, it can be difficult to narrow down your outreach efforts. With our geofencing services at Salem Surround, you can ensure that your message is connecting with your preferred target audience in the right place at the right time. 


Create Brand Awareness with Real World Marketing

Geofencing uses GPS to create a virtual fence around an area that you designate. When users enter that area, they get a message from you on their mobile devices that communicates what you want them to know. Your communication may include:

  • Information about a sale or special promotion.
  • A time-sensitive coupon encouraging customers to visit your location.
  • An informational message letting customers know that you’re nearby.

Geofencing is accurate down to 10 feet, so you can be confident that the right message is getting to the right people at the right time. Geofencing ads run for 30 days, so they have big impacts while remaining timely. With so many people constantly moving in and out of the geofencing zone, your marketing is guaranteed to generate new leads. 

Some locations—also called conversion zones—you may choose to geofence include:

  • Areas around your physical locations.
  • Areas around your competitors’ locations.
  • Areas around related businesses.

Results generated from conversion zones are trackable, so you know exactly how well your geofences are working. 


Location-Based Audience Engagement Strategies

Geofencing allows your business to engage with your preferred target audience in a specific location. A geofence is a virtual barrier erected around a tangible area that is alerted when a certain device is in the vicinity. If a potential customer brings their smartphone into your geofenced location, their device can receive targeted messages that relate to your business’s products or services. The same goes for other devices like tablets, laptops, and CTVs with OTT capability. 

Geofencing can be extremely effective for both local and national companies, as the technology can be utilized for one location or several. Whether your business operates out of a single storefront or has locations up and down the coasts, geofencing can help you drive revenue by connecting with prospects in real time. Many forms of advertising fail to reach clients at the right moment and are quickly forgotten. Geofencing promotes sales by alerting consumers about your business when they are in the out in the real world and ready to make purchases, thereby increasing your chances of audience engagement. 


Put Your Brand Front and Center

Our knowledgeable Media Strategists at Salem Surround use a variety of proven digital techniques to optimize your business’s geofencing technology for maximum output. They collect data from real audience members in your preferred demographic to determine which prospects could most benefit from your products or services and are therefore more likely to take action. 

Our team also employs omnichannel methods to ensure that your marketing can be accessed from a variety of different personal devices. With Salem Surround’s expert intel, your audience will engage with your advertising at the perfect time, in the best location, and on the right device at the most critical moment in their decision-making process. 

Reach out and connect with your audience on a global scale with geofencing from Salem Surround. For more information on our digital marketing services or to request a complimentary digital presence evaluation for your business, don’t hesitate to contact our team. 

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