Intent Targeting and Your Marketing Funnel

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Intent Targeting and Your Marketing Funnel

Successful digital marketing campaigns raise awareness of your brand and build loyalty with existing customers. However, connecting with new customers at the moment that they are looking to purchase your products or services is critical. How do you get in front of buyers’ attention right when they are ready to click the purchase button?

The answer is intent targeting. Intent targeting drives conversion rates based on several contextual factors. Salem Surround’s efforts to circle your customers wherever they are online simplifies intent marketing and boosts your ability to make the sale.

However, intent marketing doesn’t only apply to the action state of your funnel. It can play at a role at every stage. 


Although a great deal of intent marketing is focused on making sales, the process of understanding how to interact with customers based on their online activity is helpful to people before they reach the purchase stage as well. 

Intent marketing identifies customers online by:

  • Content they’ve read
  • Websites they’ve visited
  • Searches they’ve done on relevant websites 

That means that your message gets delivered to people who have:

  • Used websites to look for content related to your business.
  • Visited your website but left and are on other sites online.
  • Read content that relates to products or services you offer. 

That means that you can use this information to target your advertising specifically to people who are open about learning about brands like yours and make sure that your business name becomes the one that they encounter most often. 


These same strategies apply to moving customers through the consideration stage. At this point, they know about your business and know who you are. Now you must convince them to choose you over your competitors. 

Tailor your messaging at this stage to include the things that make you stand out from your competitors. This is the time to highlight your product guarantees and awards, your service standards, and your exclusive offers. Intent targeting means you can efficiently get this information to the people who are most interested in hearing it. 


Intent targeting closes the gap between your other digital marketing efforts and making the sale. 

It builds on those digital marketing wins you’ve had so far by capturing buyers in the moment, when they are actively looking for something that you can provide. You’ll trigger recognition in potential customers who have interacted with your other digital marketing efforts during the awareness and consideration stages, and you’ll loop in people who were missed by those campaigns at just the right moment. 

Intent targeting can also be combined with demographic and geolocation targeting, to increase your conversion rate even more. Forget delayed gratification from other digital marketing strategies. Intent targeting delivers now. 

Drive Sales with Intent Targeting from Salem Surround

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