How to Use Retargeting to Supercharge Your Marketing Funnel

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How to Use Retargeting to Supercharge Your Marketing Funnel


Did you know that only 3% of customers convert with a sale the first time that they visit a website? That means that your SEO efforts might bring people to your website but leads almost always need to land on your site more than once to close a deal. Fortunately, Salem Surround has a solution: retargeting. 


Retargeting uses cookies to tag and track leads from your website across the internet, to ensure that they see advertising for your brand in other places. The process looks like this:


  • A potential customer visits your website, app, or Facebook page and picks up cookies tied to their behavior on the site. These cookies allow tracking across the web. 
  • The potential customer visits other popular sites on the web.
  • Retargeting ads, which are designed to highlight the goods and services the customer browsed on your site, follow them as they browse online. 


Retargeting can bring customers at every stage of your marketing funnel back to your website. Even after leads have been converted, retargeting can turn one-time buyers into brand loyalists. 



Customers at this stage often need a few pushes to learn more about your brand. Retargeting captures people who haven’t engaged as closely as you had hoped and gives you another chance to tell your story. Retargeting with Salem Surround allows you to put Salem Media Group’s large network of listeners and readers to work for you at this important stage. We have over 100 radio channels, 17 websites with global reach, and over 60 iOS and Android apps that receive over 430 million impressions each month. 


Click-through rates are 10 times higher with retargeted ads than with standard display ads. Those odds are just what you need when you’re trying to get advertising-weary consumers to engage with your brand.



The high click-through rates of retargeted ads can also help you make considerable progress at the consideration stage. When you know the kinds of products and services that consumers have been browsing for, retargeting with ads that make the argument about why they should choose your brand is invaluable. 


Keep in mind that we reach hundreds of millions of Christian and conservative users, creating an invaluable access point for your business. Retargeting ads run on our channels can help you connect with this audience base directly and increase your credibility with them as they are considering who to purchase from.



Retargeting ads keep your brand in front of customers, increasing your credibility and nudging them to convert. Existing customers who have already purchased from you who see retargeting ads are much more likely to become repeat customers. You’ve probably seen retargeted ads in your own web browsing experience, so you know firsthand how powerful they can be. 


Customers are 26% more likely to purchase after seeing retargeted ads, and over time, when combined with prospecting, retargeting leads to 147% higher conversion rates. It’s hard to argue with results like those at the all-important action section of your funnel. 


Ready to Retarget Your Leads?

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