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Topaz Clinical Research


Topaz wanted to position themselves as the premier clinical research center in the Orlando area. They needed more phone calls to their office and a way to engage more potential clients online.


Salem Surround built a responsive website, implemented Live Chat to capture leads and created a Pay-Per-Click ad campaign to drive more calls and website traffic. We complimented the digital tactics with a radio campaign to drive more traffic surrounding the market.


A 3.67% CTR in the client’s PPC campaign has resulted in an increase in inquiries about their current clinical trials.

“TOPAZ Clinical Research has had such a great experience working with Salem Media's innovative products. We have had a large response to the Live Chat, and expect an even bigger result in the next couple of months as we launch other tactics with Salem. As a business it is important to connect with potential patients or clients anytime of the day. The Live Chat allows our company to be available for anyone interested in our study 24/7, and this is essential for us to never lose a contact. Live Chat is definitely an important addition to any business looking to grow and take their business to the next level!” — Karla Francisco, BA, Director of Operations, TOPAZ Clinical Research, Inc.

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