All Class RV


Increase RV sales​


We put together a strategy to drive RV sales and reach people that were in the market to sell their RV.


All Class RV just signed their 5th annual renewal! Out of their 10 years in business, 2020 was a breakout year for them and they’ve increased sales year after year. Salem Surround is their only form of marketing. In September 2021, they were able to expand and acquired a new location for RV service. Their average PPC CTR is 12.07%! In 2023 they have added an RV consignment service. All Class RV continues to have phenomenal, proven results!​


"We started All Class RV 13yrs ago and were determined to hold strong to our values. When we were approached by Salem, we had already spoken to a number of other Digital and Radio media that we just didn't feel comfortable with. Our faith is the most important aspect of our life and we wanted to pair up with a company that ran their business in the likeness of ours. We found that. Our rep Jennie is always there, consistent and helped develop a strategy that I will say has been wildly successful compared to other dealerships metrics. They have found a way to fine tune things when we saw a little dip that brought us right back at or above, and I feel incredibly blessed by the relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend Salem to anyone, and we have, which for us, is not something we take lightly."
Jeff Cottrell |Owner, All Class RV

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