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Social Media Marketing

Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice Across Social Media Channels

Social media marketing can help you engage with customers on a personal level, build brand loyalty, and grow your digital audience. However, social media marketing is not effective if your posts and updates don’t use a consistent brand voice and speak to your target audience. With social media brand management from the experts at Salem Surround, you can create a brand personality for your business that’s reflected across all social platforms.

How Is Social Media Brand Management Different From Social Media Marketing?

Social media brand management is a form of social media marketing, but it goes much deeper than simply creating an editorial calendar and scheduling posts. Social brand management is rooted in extensive research of your target audience and comprehensive brand development.

Think of it this way: Your social media profiles are the basis of your brand’s personality. People expect to see specific messaging and a distinctive voice that reflects what they know about your brand. If your brand personality differs across different platforms or even from post to post, customers will lose trust in your brand and your business.

Our Approach to Social Media Brand Management

  1. Platform Selection and Market Research – Our process begins with an in-depth kickoff meeting where we’ll get to know your needs, goals, brand voice, and target audience. From there, we’ll perform extensive research to get to know more about your industry, competitors, and target audience. Based on your goals and your target audience, we will help you focus on the right social media platforms to spread your brand message.
  2. Brand Development and Strategic Planning – Equipped with plenty of background knowledge from our research, we can develop a strategy that works for you. We’ll customize our approach for each social platform you’re using, but your overall brand voice will be consistent across all channels.
  3. On-Brand Social Media Assets – Now we bring our plan into action with images, graphics, organic posts, and ads that fit your brand and resonate with your target audience.
  4. Online Reputation Management – Remember, social media is a two-way street, so your audience can respond to your ads and posts and engage with you directly. People may also be talking about your business on their own profiles or by leaving reviews. We’ll pay close attention to your online reputation to help grow your audience and control the messaging that surrounds your brand.
  5. Monitoring and Analytics – We are constantly striving to improve and refine your social media marketing strategy by analyzing engagement tracking and other trends. We’ll share our findings with regular reports and recommend updates to your strategy to continue improving your performance.

Why Social Media Branding Matters

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and it’s where the average web user spends most of their time online. Businesses who engage their target audiences on social media foster more brand loyalty and see greater exposure with their digital marketing than businesses lacking in their social media presence. In fact, modern consumers simply expect brands to be on social media and to have a consistent brand voice. Sixty percent of millennial consumers expect to see brands on social media platforms with cohesive messaging across all those channels.

With the right social media brand management agency working for you, you can:

  • Boost perception of brand authenticity.
  • Increase brand awareness and outreach.
  • Boost brand recognition.
  • Gain extensive insights into your brand perception and digital marketing performance.
  • See more engagement on social media and other digital channels, including your website.
  • Showcase brand value to current and prospective customers.

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