Mobile App Splash Ads and Your Marketing Funnel

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Mobile App Splash Ads and Your Marketing Funnel


Billions of people download apps each year. In fact, by some estimates, as much as 90% of time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps. As you’re building your digital marketing funnel, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of incorporating mobile advertising into your strategy. 


At Salem Surround, we can get your ad in front of users of our enormously popular station app, so that they see your message every time they open it. Incorporate your customized messaging and link your brand with ours, to connect with the audience you are trying to reach. 


Mobile app splash ads provide high visibility and impactful connections with a relevant audience. Features include:

  • A message about your brand is displayed every time a user opens our station app for an entire year.
  • A URL link to a page that you select.
  • An exclusive sponsorship opportunity that puts a spotlight on your brand. 


Here is how mobile app splash advertising can help you at each stage of your marketing funnel.



This is the getting-to-know-you stage of marketing your brand. Customers are learning about your brand for the first time, and they’re getting to know about the products and services you offer. The high visibility of mobile splash ads on our platform dramatically increases brand recognition and identity building. 


This is an exclusive opportunity, so you won’t be competing for attention with other businesses. If you’re trying to grow your business, this is a great way to make your brand seem relevant and worth noticing. 



Getting consumers to recognize your name is one thing, but you still must convince them that you’re the brand they should trust over your competitors. Because you choose the content of your splash ad and the URL that it directs customers to, you can leverage this space to make your argument. Direct consumers to an “about us” page on your website that highlights the things that set you apart from other businesses. Include information that showcases the quality of the products and services that you provide in your advertising. 


Additionally, your presence on our platform sends a message to customers. Mobile app splash ad sponsorship with Salem Media Group ensures that your brand is front and center for the millions of faith-based, conservative potential customers that use our platform. These consumers will see your brand as one that shares their values, which will encourage them to seek you out. 



When it is time to get customers to make a purchase, your mobile splash app ad could be the final nudge they need. Highlight pricing, special promotions and discounts, and other percentages, to create a sense of urgency. Link to the purchase page on your website to move customers along to seal the deal. 


Your ad is completely trackable, so you’ll know exactly how it is performing and how well your messaging is working to drive consumers to act. 


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