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53% of local businesses are classified as “novices” when it comes to marketing and they likely have questions and need advice*.

If you are a small or medium size business serving your local community today, you are faced with so many decision that often fall outside of your expertise.  After all, if you have a candy store that features 72 different types of candy, you probably spend your days scouting the internet for the best wholesale prices for your products.  You also have employee challenges, finance issues and a myriad of other functions necessary to keep your business operating.

And of course, there’s that pesky “marketing” task.   How are people going to know about your Amazing store?  What if they are aware of your store but aren’t sure exactly where it is or what the exact name is other than that Amazing candy store?  Ok, so maybe you need someone to help you with that function so you can focus on being the best Candy Man in the land 😊.  What if there was a way to see what other small and medium size businesses are doing in your area?  What are they doing to market their business?  What advertising products are they buying and why?

The good news is help is not very far away.  Salem Surround, the digital marketing agency of Salem Media is here to help. Salem Media is one of the largest media companies in the United States with faith and conservative-based radio stations, a podcast network, a TV channel, some of the country's biggest political news hosts and a network of websites reaching millions of people each week.  Salem Surround can help you with your local marketing challenges because we are local ourselves.  We understand a retailer’s challenges and we provide a myriad of ways to reach consumers all through their journey to purchase a product.

Did you know that it takes up to 20 touch points by a consumer before they are ready to consider buying from you?  Take our Amazing Candy store.  Does the consumer really need to go there vs. picking up some candy in the local supermarket where we do most of our shopping?  Well yes of course, because if Amazing Candy is going to survive, they need to get people thinking that an extra trip to their store is worth the time and effort.

In a recent survey by Borrell & Associates, 53% of local businesses are classified as “novices” when it comes to marketing and they likely have questions and need advice.  They are looking for partners.  Salem Surround would like to earn your trust by providing a free audit of your marketing and a competitive analysis in your market.  Yes, FREE!  Reach out to us today at [email protected] and one of our Media Strategists (we don’t call them salespeople) will consult with you and bring our digital team in for a FREE consultation.  And if you want, we’ll stop at the Amazing Candy Store and bring you some!

*Borrell & Associates

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