How To Promote Your Business Locally Through Salem Surround

When thinking about using a marketing partner to help your business grow, there is a lot to consider:

  • Experience
    Can they do what they say and more importantly, can they prove they have the experience?
  • Intelligence
    How well do they know my business, my challenges, my competition?
  • Strategy
    Are they able to craft a long-term strategy or are they just trying to sell me something?
  • Servicing
    Are they going to "set-it and forget-it" or are they going to be held accountable to their work each month?
  • Adaptable
    My priorities may change, how flexible are they in adapting to the changing needs of my business and my industry?

Scoring a Digital Marketing Agency on a 1-5 scale based on your interviewing them is critical and at Salem Surround we encourage it.  In fact, we ONLY want to move forward with a client if they want the same things. 

Once you’ve determined that you’ve found a fit for your marketing needs then it’s deploying a plan and managing the expectations of success.  Too often this is where major disconnects can happen.  This is where we excel because agreeing on what success looks like and agreeing on time frames for success is often not discussed or if it is, it’s not discussed in enough detail.  Is your digital marketing agency clear on those expectations and are you on the same page with them on that?

As you know, marketing is a marathon.  One that takes time, needs adjustments but has a specific goal in mind.  Ensuring that your digital marketing partner understands your business almost as well as they understand their own business is paramount in establishing an effective partnership. 

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