Why Should I Work with a Digital Marketing Agency?

For some businesses, digital marketing seems like an obvious place to cut costs. This is especially true of businesses that are small or are just starting up—investing money into hiring a digital marketing agency seems like a luxury rather than and a necessity. In reality, however, the question shouldn’t be whether you can afford to hire a digital marketing agency but whether you can afford not to. Digital marketing agencies can deliver powerful results at a modest investment, especially when weighed against the numbers of leads and conversions they can drive. Effective digital marketing cannot be achieved by your staff as an addition to the jobs that they were hired to do. If you’re on the fence about working with a digital marketing agency, here are some of the reasons you should consider making the leap.

Digital marketing requires expertise.

Because nearly everyone is familiar with using things like social media or even writing their own blogs, it can seem to some business owners that digital marketing is fairly straightforward. However, there is no link between getting a lot of traction on Instagram posts on your private account and running an effective digital marketing campaign.

There are several aspects to digital marketing that require specialized knowledge. One of the biggest of these is search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is the use of keywords, effective web design, and several other factors to ensure that your company’s website appears when someone uses a search engine to look for a product or service you provide. You have seen the results of good SEO yourself when you have searched for things online. Chances are that you click on the first or second result in the list and don’t bother going to see what businesses are lurking on page five of the results. Effective SEO will make sure that potential customers see you in those top results, but it is extremely complex and constantly evolving. Digital marketing agencies are plugged into what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, they are tuned into algorithm changes in search engines that require changes in SEO campaigns.

Digital marketing is a fulltime job.

When companies choose not to hire a digital marketing company, it is usually because they believe that they can do the job in-house. Unless you have hired a team to work fulltime on digital marketing, you can’t achieve the results you want in this way. Digital marketing isn’t something that your employees can do in addition to the roles you have hired them to do. Tacking digital marketing onto someone else’s job is likely to end in him or her underperforming across the board.

With a digital marketing agency, someone will be focused on delivering results for you on a fulltime basis. This includes things like monitoring your social media accounts, updating your website and blog with new content regularly, and tracking results so that adjustments can be made. This kind of fulltime attention is what is needed to get the best results on your digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketing agencies can also ensure that your campaign is consistent. If you’re running a campaign in-house and want to send a marketing email every Wednesday or post a new social ad every Friday, it’s easy for these dates to take a backseat to the other, pressing things that need to be done at your business. As a result, you will likely end up in a feast-or-famine cycle of digital marketing, in which you throw an excessive amount of content, advertising, and social media posts out at one time, thus diminishing the effectiveness of each, and then leaving long gaps between your efforts to communicate online with your customers.

Your customers—and potential customers—are online.

Some businesses fall into the trap of thinking that their product or service is not something that can benefit from digital marketing, but that’s simply not true. Today, consumers of all ages use the internet to find everything that they need, from reservations to a restaurant and a new pair of shoes to a doctor and a lawyer. If you have a business and you are not trying to connect with your market online, you are missing out on customers.

What is true about the internet is that not all customers are on all parts of the internet. That is where a digital marketing agency can be particularly helpful. Are your customers more likely to have Facebook or Instagram? Would they be more likely to see an ad for your business on a news website or a gossip website? A digital marketing agency will find where your customers are online and make sure you are visible to them in the places they frequent, while also ensuring that your SEO efforts are focused on the right keywords.

You can use the results of digital marketing campaigns to fuel your business.

Digital marketers design campaigns with clearly defined goals and perform extensive data tracking. These reports will let you know exactly what kind of ROI you’re getting for your digital marketing campaigns and will allow your digital marketers to continue to refine the approach they use to getting your brand in front of the right people.

As an added bonus, this data tracking provides a wealth of information you can use in other aspects of your business. It will provide clues as to who exactly your customers are and what they are looking for. You can then use those clues as you add new products or services to your company. You may discover that there is a surprising target market you’ve been underservicing or that you’ve overlooking a simple way to increase profits by tweaking a service you offer.

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