Reasons to Work with a Media Company for Digital Advertising

If you have a marketing campaign running, then digital advertising and digital marketing services can be an effective addition to your efforts. Digital advertising can boost awareness of your business, increase engagement, and impact the behaviors of your customers. However, to achieve these goals, it has to be done strategically. Often, businesses attempt to keep their digital advertising efforts in-house, but their efforts usually end up producing underwhelming results. One reason for this is that your employees lack the scale, resources and expertise in digital advertising that a media company has. Outsourcing digital adverting to a media company can pay dividends for your business.

Get Access to a Full Range of Services

A media company brings with it a comprehensive range of services that can enhance the performance of your marketing efforts. The most successful marketing campaigns bring together a number of different media avenues in order to reach the widest number of customers possible. With a media company on your side, then you will have access to these different platforms. For example, but working with a media company that has expertise in digital marketing, radio, and print, you can take the broadest possible approach to reaching your target customers.

At Salem Surround, our philosophy is built around the concept of surrounding your target audience. This approach means ensuring that your brand is visible in all of the places your customers are likely to be. Why target them in a single platform when you can surround them? This way, you can become a familiar name and the first business that they think of when they need the goods or services that you provide.

Work with Experienced Marketing Professionals

Marketing campaigns are a non-negotiable part of doing business. However, the cost of marketing can be a surprise to many companies, especially small businesses that need big results with a small price tag.

The truth is that marketing campaigns can be extremely expensive when they are not well planned and well executed, and those things happen most frequently when the people executing the campaign are not experienced. The very thing that keeps many businesses from hiring a media company—the added expense of outsourcing the task—is what makes their campaigns cost more than they have to.

A cost-effective marketing partner is one that has a laser focus on your goals and an understanding of exactly how to use the budget to reach those goals. When you hire a media company, their experience means that they know how to allocate your dollars to maximize the returns of your campaign. They can help you avoid the kind of overspending that comes from an unfocused digital advertising effort.

Leverage Their Expertise for Your Campaign

You have hired your employees because they are the best at the jobs that they do for your brand. However, it’s unlikely that digital advertising is what they are best at doing. When you try to run your digital advertising campaign in-house, not only are you taking employees away from doing the work that you hired them to do, but you are also asking them to execute a professional-level marketing campaign without the training and expertise to do so.

At a media company, digital advertising and marketing is what the team lives and breathes. Thanks to their work with different brands across different industries, they have an understanding of the strategies and tactics that are most likely to work for your company and connect with your consumers. They are also up-to-date on the most current techniques and technologies for digital advertising success, from display ads to PPC, SEP, video displays, and more. This expertise allows them to create a cohesive and effective strategy for your brand using tools that marketing laypeople may not even know exist.

Within a media company, there are likely to be different staff members with varying areas of strength and knowledge. These team members can work together to deliver the best outcomes for your business.

Achieve Clear, Verifiable Results

One thing that frequently happens with businesses who try to handle digital advertising in-house is that they don’t get the results they want—or they aren’t even sure if they did. When you work with a media company, you will get a digital marketing campaign that is results driven. The campaign will begin with relevant market research and goal setting, and a plan for tracking those goals will be devised up front.

During the execution, the media company will monitor the results, determine when certain benchmarks are met, and tweak efforts according to the performance. At the end of the campaign, you will know whether your not you reached your stated goals and be able to see the concrete results of your marketing efforts, whether you wanted to increase visitors to your site by a specific percentage or wanted to achieve a set number of conversions.

The digital space is noisy. Don’t let your digital advertising get lost in the shuffle. Salem Surround knows how to execute a marketing campaign that reaches your goals and meets your budget. We will use our digital marketing expertise to surround your customers and bring results to your brand. We work with companies and budgets of all sizes, leveraging our experience and knowledge to deliver your chosen goals. How can we help you with your digital marketing strategy? Contact us today to discuss your advertising goals and how we can help make them a reality.

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