How Do Digital Marketing Companies Differ from One Another?

Most digital marketing companies offer digital copy and social media services.

It's to be expected that all digital marketing companies would provide content creation services for their customers’ websites. This content typically takes the form of onsite, or static, pages, as well as blog posts. An onsite or static page is essentially any page on a website that remains the same, unlike a blog page, which is updated every time a new blog is posted. Examples of onsite pages include:

  • About Us/Our Story
  • Our Mission and Values
  • Our Products
  • Our Services
  • FAQs
  • Contact Us

These onsite pages offer basic information about the brand to the customers, with an eye toward selling the products or services. Alternatively, blog posts offer additional useful information that is related in some way to the product and service lines. Blog posts can be an effective way to draw organic search traffic to the website, and ideally, make a subtle, yet compelling sales pitch.

In addition to website copy, many digital marketing companies offer social media services. A digital marketing expert can set up your company’s social media profiles, establish an editorial calendar, create the posts optimized to draw in traffic, and set up a posting schedule. When done correctly, social media management will complement your other digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing companies should be able to provide tangible, metrics-driven results that they’ve achieved for their other clients receiving social media services.

Some digital marketing companies offer website design services.

Many marketing firms only offer content creation services. But to truly compete in the global marketplace, you need a streamlined, optimized, and modern website that projects your brand in the best possible light. It’s ideal to choose a digital marketing firm that offers website design services along with content creation and social media management. Even if you already have a website, there is a good chance that it looks outdated or isn’t optimized for all users. A full-service marketing firm can easily fix that problem.

An effective company website attracts new web traffic through organic or inbound marketing techniques. It also informs potential customers, providing a compelling sales pitch on why the company’s products or services are better than the competitors’. Modern websites also need to be visually attractive so that long after a visitor leaves the website, the brand remains memorable.

Some digital marketing experts have a firm grasp on SEO principles.

It’s a safe bet to say that all digital marketing firms advertise themselves as experts on search engine optimization (SEO). However, not all of them truly utilize the full capabilities of SEO. For instance, some digital marketers continue to insist on using long-tail and geo-based key phrases in unnatural ways. While key phrases are important, their use should never detract from the reader’s experience. It’s far more important to create content that is naturally written and pleasant to read.

In addition, not all digital marketing firms offer complete SEO services. Those who do not offer web design services, for instance, miss out on implementing technical SEO, such as proper website architecture. This is another reason why it’s important to partner with a digital marketing company that offers a full menu of services.

Few digital marketing companies offer contests and surveys.

Even if you find a firm that offers complete social media services, SEO, and web design services, it can be much harder to find all that plus contest and survey options. This is one crucial way in which Salem Surround stands apart from our competitors. We understand the importance of engaging customers in a way that is exciting and fresh, and so we offer contest and survey services.

Running a giveaway contest enables brands to get customers excited about the possibility of winning free stuff. A contest can entice customers to become brand ambassadors by spreading the news of the contest on their social media accounts. This, in turn, can attract media coverage, which further places the brand in the spotlight. Surveys also enable customers to directly engage with a brand. Plus, contrary to popular belief, some customers actually enjoy filling out surveys because it gives them an opportunity to influence the direction of their favorite brands. They hope that by filling out surveys, they can contribute toward making the brand better fit their own needs and preferences in the future.

Few digital marketing companies offer live chat solutions.

Modern consumers expect to receive the answers to their questions quickly. If they don’t find the information they are looking for on your website, they will move on to one of your competitors. One effective way to entice web visitors to stick around for a while is to offer live chat. Unfortunately, most digital marketing companies don’t offer this solution.

It’s ideal to look for an agency that understands the importance of live chat and can connect you with live chat services. By having live chat on your website, you’re sending a clear message to your customers that their needs are important to you. Live chat capabilities also tell your customers that your brand is reputable and well-established.

Many digital marketing companies don’t offer broadcast solutions.

Did you know that broadcast radio is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a wider customer base? Yet, few digital marketing companies offer it. Look for an advertising agency that recognizes the potential of broadcast radio, and can help you get your brand on paid advertising slots and long-form programming.

At Salem Surround, our digital marketing experts offer comprehensive solutions for businesses both small and large, local and national, including broadcast radio, live chat, and web design solutions. Our team provides everything your brand needs to become more discoverable, drive engagement with customers, and generate promising leads to boost revenue. Become our next success story by calling us today at 1-844-277-5797.

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