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Sticky Footer Ads: High-Impact Advertising with Salem Media Group

Salem Display Network

Use Sticky Footer Ads for Your Marketing Funnel

Salem Media Group’s station websites get millions of clicks each month from users across the U.S. If you are targeting a conservative, faith-based audience for your business, our network of stations can help you find it. A sticky footer ad puts your brand in front of these engaged users who share the same values as your company. 

This kind of advertising offers high visibility and boosts awareness of any brand that is featured. Salem Surround offers the ability to leverage sticky footer ads across our station websites as part of our Homepage Takeover packages, which also include a full-page ad for your brand that pops up when customers visit our site. 

Our sticky footer ads are:

  • 728x90 in size.
  • Custom designed with your messages and your clickable URL.
  • Placed on the bottom of each page of the site, so they follow customers as they click through to different pages. 
  • Featured for the entire day of your ad buy.

Though users can decide to close the ad, the highly impactful positioning puts your brand front and center. This kind of visibility is useful for customers at each stage of the marketing funnel. Here’s a closer look at how. 


When customers are just getting to know your brand, simply being seen is essential. A sticky footer ad is a great way to create a consistent presence. Since it follows users throughout the site until they close it, your name becomes a prominent part of their browsing. The ad stays up for the full day of your buy, so customers will continue to see your name and branding every time they visit the site that day. 

The customizable URL in the ad allows you to specifically target your purchase to the part of your funnel you want to target. When you’re trying to build awareness, leading customers to your home page is a good way to entice them to learn more about your products and services. 


Once customers are aware of your brand, how do you convince them that they should choose your business over your competitors? At the consideration stage, you’re giving customers the information that they need to understand the advantages of picking your products and services. Details about the things that make your company unique, from your service standards to your products’ features, can all play a part here. 

For this stage, tweak your sticky footer ad and URL to address the questions customers are likely to have at this stage. Directing them to an “about us” or reviews page on your website can be a useful strategy. You also have the advantage of being a presence on a Salem Media website, which communicates your identity to customers. Many visitors to our site are looking for businesses that align with their values, so being associated with our brand can be invaluable at this stage in the funnel. 


Sticky footer ads can turn consideration into action by highlighting promotions, sales, and other time-sensitive deals that urge consumers to buy now. Focus on this stage of your funnel during times during typical demand spikes for your goods and services, to push customers over the finish line. 

Adjust your URL at this stage to lead to purchase pages for the products or services you’re featuring. 

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