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Increase Phone Calls and Appointments​


Direct Email, match back


We put together e-mail marketing campaign that hyper-targeted Bloom's targeted demographic with match-back reporting showing who received the e-mails.


Email Campaign: 6 Mos 38.90k Opens – 3.02k Clicks – 17.29% Open rate​


"We can, with almost 100% certainty, record who came from our email marketing. When comparing how much we've spent on the emails vs sales, ROI is well over 10x the amount we've spent. Not only just new customers, but we have signed customers up on maintenance from these emails, meaning they will continue to use our services. The teams that work on these emails make sure everything we need and want is not only met but that they exceed our expectations. Reporting like this is one of the many reasons Bloom will be a customer for a very long time.“​
Danielle Schneider | Marketing Manager, Bloom Pest Control Portland​

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