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What is Digital Marketing?

Find out what digital marketing is and how digital marketing works with Salem Media Group. We use our expertise to get your brand noticed online.

Holiday Planning for Your Marketing Strategies

Salem Surround reveals how you can optimize your holiday digital marketing campaigns for continued success and lead generation.

Live Chat

Choose Live Chat from Salem Surround to reach your customers right away and provide exceptional customer service.

Intent Targeting and Your Marketing Funnel

Intent marketing is great for making sales, but it can also help you at other stages of the marketing funnel. Here is what you need to know. 

Promote Audience Engagement with Push Notifications

Find out how the digital marketing experts at Salem Surround can create compelling push notifications and SMS text messages to promote audience engagement for your business.

Illustrate Your Expertise with a Digital Gallery

Highlight your business’s quality products or services with a professional digital photo gallery from Salem Surround. 

Digital Trends for 2022

Future-proof your digital marketing strategy by learning about digital trends for 2022.

Privacy Rules and Their Impact on Digital Advertising

Privacy rules are changing the way digital advertising finds the right audience. Find out more from Salem Surround.

Essential Digital Marketing Tactics for 2021

Salem Surround explains the essential digital marketing tactics your brand needs to use during 2021.

Top Digital Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making in 2020

Are you committing the most common digital marketing mistakes of 2020? Our blog will help you find out.

Top 10 Things Clients Should Consider BEFORE Making a Digital Marketing Decision

Digital marketing is an effective way to promote brands, products, and services. However, there are many channels available for digital marketing. In addition, there are so many possible approaches that it can be difficult to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy fit for your company. Before making any sort of digital marketing decisions, your company needs to know what it hopes to accomplish and what information it needs to reach those objectives.

Digital Marketing News: What’s New in 2019?

Digital marketing is not static. Strategies change quickly, and your brand has to keep up. Here’s what to expect in digital marketing in 2019.

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is not optional in today’s world. Virtually every business that serves consumers has a digital marketing presence. However, knowing that you need digital marketing is different than knowing how to do it. There is no such thing as a digital marketing strategy that works for every brand. Although businesses may all be striving to accomplish the same broad goals with their digital marketing strategies, the road to accomplishing these is unique for different brands, depending on a business’ identity, customer base, and goals. Does the idea of choosing a digital marketing strategy have your head spinning? Here’s how to choose the right approach for your business’ specific needs.

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