Top 10 Cleanup Tips for Your Digital Health Now That Businesses Are Opening Back Up

When the world shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses took their eyes off their digital advertising strategies. Some found themselves struggling to keep up with demand created by an unprecedented number of online orders. However, others were focused on simply trying to stay afloat while facing an overnight end in profits. In either case, it’s easy to see how managing digital properties took a backseat to more pressing issues.

Now businesses are reopening, and part of returning to normal footing means turning your attention back to your online presence. There is a good chance that your digital health has suffered during the pandemic, but these cleanup tips will help you get ready for a return to business as usual.

Tip 1: Revisit Your SEO Strategies
SEO, or search engine optimization, is key to ensuring that existing and potential customers find you easily online. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on your web traffic and positioning, it’s time to check in on the trends. If you notice a significant drop in traffic without any rebound, then it’s time for a deep dive into Google analytical tools to see if you can pinpoint the issue. Correct the problem to get back in front of customers.

Even if your traffic has only dipped slightly or has largely held steady, use data tracking tools to ensure you’re optimizing the keywords that consumers are using now to search for businesses like yours. Search habits are always in flux, and the pandemic has caused more dramatic change than you may expect. Use that information to tweak your SEO for post-pandemic web searches.

Tip 2: Check Your Reputation
Early in the pandemic, Google stopped publishing reviews to shield businesses from unreasonable complaints associated with COVID. Now, reviews are moving through again, so it’s time to get back to reputation management. Look into the reviews that you’ve received, and if you have any negative responses, fix the issues if you can. Incentivize customers to leave reviews for your business now, so you can start to accumulate fresh, positive reviews.

Tip 3: Review Your Digital Profiles
When is the last time you took stock of all your website content and social media profiles? Now is the time for a careful view. Does everything on your website still apply to your brand? Do you have outdated logos? Has your website overlooked products or services that aren’t featured? For your social media profiles, start ensuring that you’re posting regularly and responding to interactions from customers. If you haven’t updated your photos in a long time, refresh the appearance of your social media pages so that they reflect the start of a new era.

Tip 4: Kick the Tires on Your Digital Foundation
Similar to checking out the freshness of your digital profiles, examine the foundation of your digital properties and make sure that they still serve you. Now is the time to integrate things like a more robust ecommerce system or to boost your site security. You may find that your current web hosting service is no longer the right fit, or that you need to invest money on a complete redesign of your site. The last thing you want to do is play catchup with your digital infrastructure once business is back to normal.

Tip 5: Re-engage with Email Marketing
Customers and B2B clients alike are eager to hear from you, so revitalize your email marketing to speak directly to them. If you’re in the process of reopening, build anticipation by sharing updates about the process. If you are open, use email messaging to let people know what you’re doing to win back their business while keeping them safe. This kind of messaging is also the ideal way to let people know about policy changes under way at your business, Transparency now, coupled with clear and accurate information, will pay dividends in the long run.

Tip 6: Rethink Your Advertising Strategy
The way customers are engaging with media is different now, which requires you to rethink your advertising effort. Is the way you’ve targeted customers in the past the best way to target them now? This is especially true of PPC advertising. Click rates are lower right now, but conversions may be higher, because many businesses are ignoring PPC and simply aren’t visible. Evaluate your strategy and budget and decide where your customers are likely to be, so you can target them efficiently.

Tip 7: Get Social Again
A previous tip reminded you to evaluate your social media presence to ensure it still accurately reflects your brand. However, you may need to also reflect on why you have a social media presence to begin with—to engage directly with your customers. Come back to life on social media. Post regularly and reply to all the comments you get. Entice engagement using polls, contests, and other posts that require interaction. Rejoin the conversation online so that your brand—and your brand identity—shine.

Tip 8: Start Building Useful Content
Content marketing, in which you produce online content that answers questions and provides insight into a product or service, helps to showcase your company’s expertise. If consumers see your brand as one that not only tries to sell them things but that also cares about providing unique information and insight that helps them, they’ll be more likely to turn to you when they need something. Now is the perfect time to make sure your voice is heard in your industry.

Tip 9: Use Video Content for Connection
How can you make sure your brand is more than words on a screen? Use video. Video creates a more human connection with your business and showcases your product and service expertise in an engaging way. Video content is also eminently shareable, which means your customers can become brand evangelists.

Tip 10: Invest in Online Marketing
One thing the pandemic did was convince people of the convenience and value of buying online. Even when everything is open, many customers will still opt for online shopping, online appointment booking, and more. If you’re not visible when they’re looking for your brand, your competitors will be. As you weigh up your post-pandemic marketing budget, invest in ecommerce marketing to ensure that you tap into the thriving digital marketplace.

This digital health checkup may be long, but you don’t have to go it alone. Let the experts at Salem Surround make sure your brand is ready for post-pandemic success. Discuss your digital presence and find out how we can help you get ready for the new normal by calling (844) 277-5797.

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