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Maximize Lead Generation with Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys

Audience Engagement Tools

Maximize Lead Generation with Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys

Your business relies on lead generation to drive sales, increase audience engagement, and boost brand awareness. Without new clients, your business may fail to improve your bottom line. By utilizing interactive lead generation tools like polls, quizzes, and surveys, you can provide potential customers with a fun opportunity to get to know your business. 


Spread the Word with Engagement Opportunities

Engagement opportunities like polls can be an excellent way to gauge the interests and preferences of your audience, as well as spread awareness for your brand. You can discover which products or services they are most likely to purchase, what types of marketing they are most receptive to, and whether they would be interested in new ideas. Polls may ask a yes-or-no question or make your customers choose from a list of possible answers. Many businesses also benefit from polling their clients to discover if their advertising has been effective in generating leads. 


Build Relationships with Compelling Content

Compelling content like surveys and quizzes will encourage your prospects to engage with your brand—and with websites like BuzzFeed popularizing quizzes about everything from personality traits to television shows, there’s never been a better time to create a similar engagement tool for your business. Customers are more likely to interact with your content if it promises to provide a source of entertainment or amusement. You can also tailor your quiz to your target audience with industry inside jokes, updates, and information. 


Listen to Your Audience

Surveys can be a wonderful tool for responding to the needs of your audience. When your customers see that their concerns are being heard, and their ideas are being implemented in your brand practices, they are far more likely to patronize your business. 

Promote Your Content Online

There’s no point in crafting the perfect quiz, poll, or survey if there are no clients available to participate. Audience awareness is essential for widespread participation in these marketing strategies. Promote your content via email, social media accounts, and push notifications. The more users you contact about your new activity, the more potential customers you can attract and the more leads you will generate. 

With Salem Surround, you can create personalized quizzes, polls, and surveys to boost your audience engagement. Reach out today for an evaluation of your digital presence and to learn more about our digital marketing services. 

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