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Audience Engagement Tools for Genuine Customer Connection

Audience Engagement Tools

It takes more than a single email to form meaningful connections with your audience. Our audience engagement tools at Salem Surround are specifically designed to boost your brand awareness and help your business forge personal relationships. We use tools like contests, quizzes, polls, galleries, and push notifications to constantly remind your clients that your brand is the solution to their problems.



Awareness is the first step towards genuine customer connection. Audience engagement tools are a form of marketing and should operate with the same principles in mind. Like any effective advertisement, it’s essential to consider your desired target audience before creating a contest, rather than waste time trying to appeal to non-starters.


Content like galleries, polls, quizzes, and push notifications should be tailored to attract your target audience. Start off by identifying your ideal customer and their demographic. This could be based on their age, gender, location, education level, or any other factor that you consider to be relevant. The more targeted a tool, the more likely your ideal customer will be to click the link and become familiar with your brand.



Audience engagement tools can be extremely powerful during the consideration stage of a customer’s decision-making process.


  • Galleries: When a client is deciding whether or not to move forward with your business, they are most likely searching for examples of your work to see if you suit their needs. A gallery is a perfect way to shine a spotlight on the products or services that represent your brand.
  • Contests: If a client isn’t ready to take the plunge, a contest could be the deciding factor. Winning a sampling of your offered products helps the client realize how you can solve their problem.



Audience engagement tools are essential for contemporary businesses who want to seal the deal. Tools like push notifications offer your clients an option to immediately complete their purchase, whether they are out and about or relaxing at home. If clients have been going back and forth, a quick link to their online cart makes for a fast, easy way to profit your business.


Engage Your Audience With Salem Media Group

Attract new customers and enhance your company’s brand awareness with professionally designed audience engagement tools from Salem Surround. For more information on our digital marketing services, contact our team or visit our website.

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