As the political power center of the state, California’s capital city of Sacramento is home to not only government officials, but also the lobbyists and think tanks that work alongside them. Sacramento is a large and diverse city that is home to multiple renowned universities and a large number of healthcare organizations. Tourists flood into the city for the many art museums and to visit the attractions in Old Sacramento.

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Salem Surround: Serving Sacramento and the Surrounding Area

The population of the city of Sacramento is approximately 531,000, while a total of 2.4 million people call the entire metropolitan area home. Sacramento has been recognized as one of the most diverse cities in the country and for having a high-level of neighborhood diversity. It is expected to see enormous growth in the upcoming years and may increase its population by more than half by 2060.

Local Radio in Sacramento

How does a business connect with the diverse population of Sacramento? Local radio remains one of the most effective marketing strategies for reaching local customers. More than 150 million people listen to the radio every day, and you can target different segments of your market by marketing on different local radio stations. 

Salem Surround can use programmatic audio, broadcast, and streaming to tailor your local radio marketing to different audiences to increase brand awareness and sales across all of your market segments. 

Digital Marketing for National Presence

Are you ready to target customers outside of Sacramento? Digital marketing services from Salem Surround can help you expand the reach of your business by using the power of social media, advertising, and engaging content to connect with customers across the country, wherever you want to grow your brand. As an added benefit, digital marketing with us also enhances the impact of your local radio campaigns in Sacramento. 

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In addition to our digital marketing efforts, our local audio footprint is great in Sacramento. Let Salem Surround leverage the power of local radio and national digital marketing to reach your customers in Sacramento. Contact us today!

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