Promote Audience Engagement with Push Notifications

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Promote Audience Engagement with Push Notifications & SMS Text Messaging

The modern consumer is regularly inundated with advertisements, online sales, and messages from a variety of sources. In a world where a single smartphone user can have hundreds or even thousands of unread emails, it can be difficult to ensure that your message reaches its intended audience. With push notifications and SMS text messaging, you can dramatically boost the likelihood that your clients are interacting with your content. At Salem Surround, our digital marketing experts ensure your push notifications and SMS text messages are timely and compelling enough to command a user’s attention.

What Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are truncated messages or alerts sent to smartphone or computer users. They typically appear on the home screen or main desktop to urge viewers to engage with a particular website, app, or service. Push notifications can also be used to drive brick-and-mortar sales when paired with geofencing. They may also boost brand awareness, increase audience engagement, deliver timely updates about the status of packages, and more.


What is SMS Text Messaging?

SMS text messaging refers to a text message sent from one device to another. Rather than your message appearing as a push notification, an SMS message will appear as a text message. This allows you to cut through your consumer’s other notifications and reach them directly.


Unlock the Power of Push Notifications & SMS Messaging for Digital Marketing

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to marketing. Push notifications and SMS messages allow you to reach your consumer base at the perfect time, and best of all, the user doesn’t have to find you—your push notifications will find them.


Push Notifications Reach Mobile and Desktop Users

When a customer visits your website or app, they can be greeted by push notifications. These messages help to create awareness for your brand and remind your clients about your products and services.


Mobile push notifications will be sent from an app, while web push notifications will originate from a website. Both forms of push notifications will still pop up on the client’s home screen even if the app or website is not open on their device. Web push notifications will generally connect with a wider audience, as the users do not have to download a specific app to receive the message.


How Push Notifications & SMS Messages Maximize Audience Engagement

Push notifications and SMS text messages work to boost your business in a few different ways. Here’s a closer look at the features that this type of marketing provides for your brand.


Timely Reminders

Consumers often forget about items they’ve added to their cart on a whim or miss events that they expressed an interest in but failed to put on their calendar. By sending out push notifications or SMS text reminders, you can remind your clients about your services without relying on an email newsletter or printed bulletin.


Custom Messages

Push notifications and SMS text messages maximize audience engagement by using customization tactics to appeal to specific users. Depending on a client’s mobile phone habits, app usage, and browsing history, your business can send unique messages that will encourage them to complete a sale or visit your website. Users are far more likely to respond to advertising that is targeted towards their demographic or personal interests, making push notifications or SMS messages an effective method of promoting your company.


Convenient Purchasing

When a customer is ready to make a purchase, they’re not looking to go through a complicated ordeal. Your push notifications or SMS text messages can include a direct link to your web store or contact page to facilitate your customer’s purchases. If they have an item in their online cart, a timely push notification or SMS message with a link to complete the sale could be the difference between a profit and a loss.


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